Friday, 12 September 2014

Just Another Costa!!

Oh what a nice life this retirement lark is! Today being Friday it was go somewhere to get our weekend things. So since we needed a few things that we usually get frrom there it was a Tesco job! PlusI fancied a Costa as well! 
We didn't go too early becuse we didn't get up early this morning but no rush. Vin wanted to get a car wash on the way in, but the garage part was really busy so he decided to go after the shopping. His car is covered in the sticky stuff from the dratted sycamore trees that are outside our house. Pain n the neck they are, and you don't get any relief until the leaves drop which won't be too long off now.
Anyway we parked by the front, and went round fairly quickly, then we went for our coffees. Very nice. Vin had a new one today..a limited edition ...old paradise4 road number 3. Heaid it was lovely. 
Tonight we are having: 
Sausage rolls
Something tomatoey,

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