Thursday, 11 September 2014

Bits and Bobs...

Well it was a bits and bobs sort of day today. After going out yesterday we stopped in today to do various things about the house.  Vin did the bedroom and we cleared away a few books that can go to the charity shop. Some I haven't read, but the print is too small for me to read these days so someone else might as well have the benefit. I tend to read my Kindle all the time these days, and have a lot of books on there. A mixture really, some free ones, some cheap nes and the very occasional one for £3 odd. I have some that I watch out for and you can spot when they have the price reduced. I'm quite good at that now. I am presently keeping my eye out for the new James Patterson to be reduced but having to wait a bit.
Nice morning this morning quite sunny but not as hot as yesterday, nevertheless we sat outside with our coffees today. Very pleasant, and little Rusty came out to join us too. 
Yesterday on my blog, I meant to write about the garden centre. When we were on our way back from Maghull, Vin decided to call in to the garden centre to get a new bench cover for our outside Jack and Jill bench. The one that we have has become worn from last year's cold Winter, so it needs a bit more protetion. Anyway he went in to get one, and the woman told him that they had just put them away that make way for......Christmas things!!! We haven't even had Halloween yet, 
Tonight we are having:
Escalope southern fried style.
Bread sauce,
Baby potatoes sliced and fried,
Veggies left over. 

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