Tuesday, 23 September 2014

First Day Of Autumn...

23rd of September. The start of the Autumn equinox today. To be honest we have started to notice the nights drawing in over the last few nights. it seems to be getting very dark about sevenish now, although there aren't any real natural signs of Autumn yet. The trees are dropping their leaves a little bit but I wouldn't say they have changed their cvolours a huge amount yet. A couple of weeks I reckon.
We toddledoff to Tesco this morning to get our veggies for the week. We were a bit delayed because we were chatting to a friend from down the road we haven't seen for a bit which was nice. So, the plan was to get round quickly and get the stuff we needed then go for a Costa. Good plan! Of course we did get some impulse buys..or rather I did, Vin wouldn't have got them but no matter. the Costa place was really busy when we arrived, but by the time we had finished doing our shopping it had emptied so we got our favourite seats. Good! Vin had a caramello and I had one of the new coffees as an americano. Very tasty.Then home, a bit later but that didn't matter.
I was just about to do my blog after lunch when Jane rang, she was fed up with hjer lectures a bit, and people shouting out the answers to questions before she had a chance to view the screen properly, so she said it made her feel as if she didn't know anything. of course she does, but it doesnt help really. We had a lovely long chat, but by the time she had gone it was our afternoon coffee time so I didn't do this. Catching up now at half past eight.
Tonight we had:
Escalope with lemn and black pepper,
bread sauce
Baby  potatoes boiled
Broccoli for vin and carrots for moi.

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