Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A Doing Day!

Were due to stay in today because we were waiting for a delivery of my supplies from Bullens. Nothing had arrived by lunchtime however then we got a phone call to say that the girl who took my order had made an error and got the areas wrong. so would it be ok if they came tomorrow which was the right day.
no matter because it was a doing day anyway. the bedding to be done, washed and Vin put it out on the line, and the bed remade . Then the floors to be done, kitchen, bathroom and porch.  Only trouble was i broke the mop! The head came off it completely..luckily vin found a spare one under the sink so that was ok.
I did a bit of computering upstairs while the floor dried, listening to a very boring radio two which is wall to wall Scottish debate. getting thoroughly bored with the whole thing now. What about the English!! It seems to me that England doesn't exist any more, no sense of identity now.  I suppose they will spend the next week discussing the results now too. 
Tonight we are having:
pasta with a cheese sauce
butternut squash and maybe some asparagus.
garlic bread with olives.

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