Monday, 29 September 2014

Bits and Bobs..

Another sort of bits and bobs sort of day today. nowhere in particyular to go, and no appointments this week at all, so it was a case of stopping in and doing things. 
Vin did quite a bit of gardening and i pottered about inside, catching up on the puter, hair washing and other mundane things. nice though, it beats a load of stroppy kids on a Monday morning!
greyish day today, although we did sit outside for our coffee this morning and it was quite pleasant. Even little Rusty came out to join us too which was lovely. We were sitting on our bench and she just appeared, a real surprise. She must have wondered where we were and come out for a nosey. Aaah bless her.  The injection that she was given the other day..Wednesday..seems to be doibng the trick, and helping her at the moment. Must be making her more comfortable.
Christmas with Rusty and little bobby. She still keeps coming out of her hole and looking around. We wonder if she is looking for her. they were a long time together, and even though they weren't close exactly they were always near each other.
Vin has put some nice little lavender plants on the top of where Bobby is today. When he was potting the seedlings up she was with him in the garden and nudging his hand! so it is right that there are some on top of her. It must be about twenty weeks ago now that we lost her, gone very quickly actually, it was a Monday that we took her to the vets. Aaah!
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with cheese and mushroom and pepper for Vin
green saladwith avocado and baby plum tomatoes
pasta salad with spinach and pine nuts.

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