Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Up earlyish this morning because I had a Chiropody appointment at Thornton, got there on time and only waited a short while. Went into the little room and had my nails clipped and filed..very nice job she made of them too. They are all ready for a nice coat of nail varnish now! 
Since we were halfway there we decided to go over to the M&S at Aintree. It is a gorgeous day today too so a nice journey with Vin's air con going. Vin posted me into the store so i could have a look around, and he went off to Halfords etc.,Caught me up inside, he knows where to look! and we went off upstairs to have a mooch there. Saw some new towels for the bathroom, lovely fluffy ones in a deep midnight blue, so kept them in mind. Since that dept was near the coffee shop we went in there (of course). It was actually quite quiet in there and he went for the drinks while i got a table. Vin had a chai latte for a change, I had my Americano. Nice sit and people watch, no hurry today because we were reasonably early.
Then off to get the towels and took them down while we got our food bits. Nice display of coffees by the entrance, picked up some coffee syrups. nice offer too three for two so got one of each. haven't seen them before so they must be new. Got our veggies for the week, and a few other bits, then home. 
Jane rang up just as i was getting my good stuff off, and we had a nice chat. She was on her way to work, and we end up talking about all sorts, till she gets to work, then she says Bye and off she goes XX 
Tonight we are having:
escalopes wigh broccoli and cheese
baby potatoes boiles with a little spray,
carrots and broccoli
Cheese sauce.

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