Thursday, 18 September 2014

Delivery and Doing!

Waited in for the delivery this morning. Spot on eleen he arrived which was good.Excellent firm, very good at ringing you up for the order and the delivery is always a week later and on time. Little glitch last time but it didn't matter.
Today was the big ironing anyway because of the washing yesterday. Takes an age to iron but we  do it it fits and starts so it gets done eventually. 
nice pleasant day today actually, Vin has done a bit of gardening because it is the green bin on Monday so he was getting some stuff ready for that. The hanging baskets are just about coming to the end so they have gone, and he has replaced them with some primulas which give a nice bit of colour. 
They have been lovely this year and not gone too leggy either, must have been the cooler summer that we had.
We had our morning coffee outside today, very pleasant too, blue skies not a lot of breeze and a bit of hazy sunshine to keep us warmer. Vin made his own sort of coffee with a milk pod and an espresso pod, he said was really good. I had an Intenso which was a bit stronger than usual but was a nice tasty one. 
Big Scottish referendum today and Scotland is going to the polls to decide whether to opt out of the United kingdom and be Scotland on its own. I don't think they have thought it through properly and the repercussions will be enormous. But we shall see what happens tomorrow. 
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer maybe lamb steaks
Gravywith a few mushrooms for vin
Potato croquettes
Any mixture of leftover veggies.

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