Monday, 22 September 2014

Clear Out!

Didn't go anywhere today, we don't usually n a Monday unless there is an appointment somewhere. Got up a bit later so didn't really get going till mid morning but no matter. We made a couple of phone calls first, one to the National Shopping monitor because he couldn't get through to their website last night to post the receipts and we would have lost the scanning points. Apparantly the site was down and they are working on it, so that was sorted. The other was to QVC about some Bethlehem lights that we had bought from them. We only put them up about two weeks ago, and they gave up the ghost about Friday. Started flickering, then stopped altogether. He bought some new batteries and tried them but no joy so rang QVC. The girl was lovely and explained that she would send a pre paid label and we could send them back so that was good and sorted.
 vin decided to do a bit of clearing up which is always good. He started doing the cupboard behind the bedroom door which is full of stuff. Got rid of a load of old VHS tapes, the system is obsolete now,but we have loads of tapes that just don't see the light of day. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get rid. Well done Vin.
I had a bit of a blip with my "innards" this weekend. Doesn't seem to matter what I eat or don't eat these days, still get them. Anyway we had a couple of nights where sleep was well and truly broken,so hence the sleep last night was well needed. No wonder we slept in a bit this morning. Sorry Vin XXX
Tonight we are having:
Salad with avocado and plum tomatoes
Noodle salad.

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