Thursday, 25 September 2014

Parcel Post...

Today was very nuch a day of deliveries. Started off very early with a delivery from Emma bridgewater. This was a present I had ordered for Vin for Christmas, and I did think it would have taken a lot longer to arrive than it did. That surprised me.Very speedy delivery I do have to say. Couldn't exactly hide it from Vin though because it came in a great big Emma Bridgewater box with the name ALL over it and pink hearts etc., So I shall have to leave it unopened until Christmas. So much for shopping early.
Then the post arrived with a delivery from QVC for moi that should have come the other day.  Then we got the label from them to send the Bethlehem lights back so Vin went off to the P O to take it back. 
Vin has been in the garden quite a lot planting bulbs, he has planted a pot of russian snowdrops which sound nice, I stopped inside  trying to get a letter to John and Ann started. What I generally do is chip away at it a bit over the next week or so, get there eventually.
Poor jane just rang up on her way home very grumpy about their lectures today. Too much work to do this year and no time to do it in. Oh dear. 
Tonight we are having:
not sure exactly, something from the freezer,
baby potatoes sliced and fried in fry light
Veggies that are left.

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