Friday, 5 September 2014

Something Different!

We were4 trying to decide where to go for our weekend thing today, and I suggested that we gave ASDA a go since we haven't been there in an age. 
So it was up a bit earlier this morning because it is a bit further and a bit of a trek, over in Southport. Beautiful morning today, sunshine all of the way, and a very pleasant journey actually. car park not bad. The parking has gone up to £1.40 but you do get it back off your shopping. Shop was very busy, it really is a very busy store, i had forgotten just how busy. Had a little bit of a mooch before we started on the main shop. The only trouble with not having been there for ages, is that everything seems to have been moved. But, that is the nature of supermarkets.  Got loads of bits and pieces, some things that we haven't had for a while. filled a trolley quite quickly then out through an empty checkout.
It was my plan to go to the Costa on the same complex, and was quite looking forward to that, but as we were walking out we noticed that their cafe had been re-vamped, and they now had proper cups and saucers instead of plastic ones. So...Vin said we'll try that, i don'5t fancy a Costa!!!!! and pulled a face, so in we went. not a bad coffee and some nice little biscuits, but wouldn't rush back if I was given a choice. 
Home not long after one so a good morning.
Unpacked our stuff andlunchtime.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers with tartare sauce
Chips!! 200grms
Green beans for moi  mushy peas for Vin.

Vin has just been up here and said it was sometime in June last year that we last went to ASDA good grief I didn't think it was that long ago!!

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