Monday, 8 September 2014


Today was centred around an appointment that I had in the afternoon. We don't generally go out on a Monday for anything specific but this was a Diabetic clinic appt., at twenty to four.
Vin had a busy start to the morning. First he went for the papers, then recycling. The post came..ramg the bell and he fot a load of bulbs that he had ordered for the Spring.  Nice little tete-a tete ones for the barrel in the front. Then to the post office to post one of his loetters to Australia and get the lottery, and also to take back a parcel for me. Well done Vin.
Coffee inside today, wasn't warm enough to sit out this morning, was sunny but quite cool, really a touch of Autumn in the air. I did a little bit of computing, and then it was an earlyish lunch.
We had to leave the house by just after three to allow time to get to the hospital. He went the motorway direction, so it was fairly quick to get there. he drops me off at the front entrance and goes off to park so I can get booked in, and he actually joined me very quickly because he parked on the ground floor. £3 parking..what a rip off!
Called in for blood test, blood pressure..good..weight, good...and smaple..fine. Sit outside to wait for Dr., I was dreading getting the Prof..and Vin said he had been out and collected a file and gone back in his room..phew! few minutes later a Dr came out and called me in. nice one, very effiecient and to the point. Asked me the right relevant questions said I was doing very well, and see me in a year. Very good, we were out in a few minutes. 
Home by five..excellent.
Tonight we are having:
Pizzaq, with cheese and mushrooms
Green salad with baby plum tomatoes and avocado
American pasta salad for Vin.

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