Friday, 19 September 2014

All Change!!

Today being Friday we needed to get our weekend things, and we had decided to get going a bit quicker and go over to the new Sainsburys in Walton. We used to go there a lot in times past especially when I had appointments in the old Walton hospital. Vin looked in his diary and found that it was last September when we last went there. Couldn't believe that at all, certainly doesn't seem like a year ago.
We did know that  it was being refurbished, or rather rebuilt because they had taken over the Next store next door, and the Poundstretcher also so it was going to be a big job. That p4robablly put us off going hence the gap. Anyway off we went today. It is ten miles actually so a bit of a trek and we were surprised when we got there. it is huge, home and wear, electricals stationary etc.,one big massive store. We did park right outside the front so that was good, and went in and got our weekend things. Took some time because everything is in a different place of course but we got there in the end. Vin went and took the stuff to the car and then we went upstairs to the cafe.
Quite busy cafe, and much bigger than the old one used to be. I found a table while he went for the drinks. he had a latte and I had an americano. Big mug full too. Extremely noisy environment, but very effiecient.
Home by half past onish.OK but I wouldn't rush back there, not that cheap either and not as many lines as I was expecting either. Tonight we are having:
No idea actually,
Maybe something from the freezer not sure really.
Left over veggies.

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