Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A Wandering cat and Posh Nosh!

Today began very eventfully. Vin went down to make our coffee that wakes us up, and on his way back decided to wind up the downstairs clock which had stopped. he spotted Rusty going under the back door and turn right. Then he saw some ladders being carried into the Dentists back plot. So he thought Rusty would go and have a look because she is becoming nosey lately. Sure enough she did. Came back upstairs, got changed and went off in search..one disappearing catty!

He ended up going into the Dentist and asked if they had seen a cat. judith said no but come through, so he went through to the back of the house and she spotted her by their back door. So it was a scoop up job and brought her home. Naughty little girl! She is getting awfully nosey latekly. So she has had her dental visit!
It was off to Waitrose for us this morning..we had a voucher for £1 off frozen foods and the lure of a free coffee helps. Went round fairly quickly, got some nice veggies..I do like their veggies, and a few other bits and bobss, including a box of ferrero rocher chocs which were quite good value.She says!! Coffee shop had cleared a bit so went on for our free lattes. Not bad, but could have been hotter today! can't complain though because it is a free coffee after all!  Little thin biscuits to go with..Duchy originals shortbreads as you would expect from Waitrose.
Went back for our frozen foods..oven chips!! and then checkout and home. Lovely sunny day today, but still not terribly warm. I had to warm up a bit after being in Waitrose though, it is always such a freezing cold shop. The cabinets where the veggies are, and the chilled foods are are really really cold. I see some women going round with sleeveless tops etc., and wonder how they do it. I must be cold blooded. Vin is never cold, an opposite I reckon!
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with broccoli and cheese
green beans and carrots
Baby new potatoes boiled and squashed
hollandaise sauce.

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