Friday, 26 September 2014

Off To Aintree Again!

Today was cebtred around an appointment at Aintree at 2.15 this afternoon. Vin wanted to leave at about half past one to give us time to get there so that was the morning sorted.  To be honest i felt a bit rough today and was a bit worried about going, but things sorted themselves out and we did. 
Good traffic our way, but the motorway on the other side ws well choked up, so vin said we had better come back the Wango lane way. We made great time and got there quickly..always the way when you think the traffic is going to be choked. Gave my letter in and Vin went off to park the car in the multi storey car park. Another £3. When he came back my name was called and I went straight in to see the Dr. head man this time, that's two top consultants in two weeks. good going.  A bit of chat, then he prescribed a tablet to be taken two at night to keep things movingso we'll see how that goes. Back in six months.
Vin took my prescription to the pharmacy and came back in a bit to say that it would be about half an hour, so we went to the coffee shop in the entrance and had a nice coffee. Not bad at all actually, Starbucks I think. Then he went back, got his car and off home. 
Traffic not bad at all on the way home which was a bonus.
Bit of a different friday anyway. No shopping done so that will have to be done tomorrow.
Tonight we are having:
Sausage rolls,
Little baby potatoes sliced and fried
Something tomatoey.

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