Thursday, 14 July 2016

Another Little Outing!

Since there were noo appointments today, and no District nurses we decided to go out this morning. So we went along to Dobbies for our free July coffees and browse around a bit. 
Nice sunny day today but it is always but it is always blowy there. It seems to be in a particularly windy spot, which prevents you sitting outside never mind though, there is plenty of room inside.  Vin gets a wheelchair to save my feet wobbling about in the store, and we had a bit of a browse round first. Looked at some of the sale items but basically there was not a lot we would buy. Did spot some nice Yankee Candles tea lights, in Wild Fig flavour which we haven't had before so that makes a change.  Had a check in the food hall and noted some of the the things we would pick up later then went for our coffees. I had a lovely cappucinno and Vin ordered a latte but he reckoned it was a flat white. No matter they were beautiful coffees.  Went and collected the items we wanted from the food hall, mainly little loaf cakes that keep for ages, and came home via Tesco where Vin ran in for a few veggies to keep us going. 
The radio is full of Theresa May's new Cabinet. So is the television news . Quite a lot of changes, and some surprises.
After our lunch I came on here to do my blog,then our Jane rang. She was on her way to a fun evening at the Breakout event with her work colleagues.  She was on nights last night and on an eight eight day tomorrow. Weird shifts they do there. Poor kid, hope she has a good evening.  

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