Wednesday, 13 July 2016

New Prime Minister.

Well 13th July and we have a new Prime Minister. As I type this he is leaving number 10 to go to the Queen to tender his resignation and Theresa May will then go to the Palace to present herself as the new Prime Minister. Wonder what she will do in office? Time will tell.
 We didn't go out today again, which was just as well as we had two deliveries, one via the postman and the other via Hermes. This was the nail varnish that I had only ordered on Monday so that was quick!
Bright and sunny today outside but still qquite cool with a temperature of about 61degrees or so. Still not quite warm enough for us to sit outside with our coffees this morning, but it is supposed to be warming up by the weekend but we shall see. We do plan to go out somewhere for a coffee tomorrow  though so hope it keeps bright and sunny.
Vin trimmed my hair this morning, well it is now so thin it isn't worth going to the hairdressers but it had gone straggly at the back so he has evened it all off. Well done Vin, hairdressing , another string to your bow :) :) 
At least I had some hair here!
Now gone to this !!!!  How to age ten years in one!!! :) 

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