Friday, 22 July 2016


Friday and nearly the start of another weekend. Actually when you are retired weekends don't mean the same as they do when you are working. 
The District nurse was due this morning so we couldn't go out anywhere but it didn't matter because we didn't have plans to anyway. She came at roundabout twelve o'clock and made a very good job of the dressings too. Next ones due on Monday. It has been quite a nice break this week not having any hospital appointments. At least it has given Vin and his car a break.
Not as hot today, no breeze much but very overcast and cloudy , however as I type this the sun is coming out and is presently shining through the window of the room where the computer is. 
Vin is outside taking some pictures for the blog, but too late for this one so will have to wait till Monday's one. 
Little Tootsie is in and out as usual. She tends to stay in out of the high sunshine, but does like the shade that the huts give her. We call her Tootsie two huts now!

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