Friday, 15 July 2016

Best Foot Forward!

Our appointment today was at the podiatry clinic at 11.30. We got there in plenty of time and waited. Finally got in the clinic at around 12. Apparently due to see the vascular doctor as well which I didn't expect. Turned into a real long winded marathon in the end. Lots of discussions about the feet, and in the end decicion was to leave well alone for a bit and continue with the foot care. So itn is still  District nurses twice a week with Podiatry in the middle for checking.  When we eventually finished in there the time was going on, and I had to go for blood teeest as well. Vin had left my prescription for another 6 weeks of antibiotics!!!! so he went off to get that done.  Did go and get a reviving coffee at the small Starbucks but they didn't have any suitable things to eat for us which will teach us to take our own in future.  He left me in there to finish my coffee while he went to get the prescription and rescue my wheels from podiatry,  then get the car. Poor lad. Really makes me feel guil;ty for wearing him out. 
Off to the Co-op for a quick shop, then make our way home, finally getting back at about 3 !for some lunch. Poor Vin must have been starving.
Horrible weather for July, grey drizzly that sort of rain the gets you wet without you realising. 
Little tootsie lost her collar last night, Vin noticed that she didn't have it onwhen she came in, and went to have a look for it abut no sign. So he found a new collar and put that on her with a new tag, When he went round to get the bin in this morning she appeared at the bottom of the steps just sitting there, and lo and behol;d there was the missing collar nice and dry because it hadn't been raining, so he replaced that and saved the new ones.

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