Thursday, 7 July 2016


We are like the couples on one of those clocks where they go round and round. One day we are in all day and the next we are out! Today is an in day. No appointments so made the most of being in.  Mundane things mostly apart from sorting out the Tassimo delivery. We ordered a delivery on Tuesday and it came today Thursday!! Amazing delivery. Vin had checked the tracking of the order this morning and it said with the courier, and it seemed like straight away that the doorbell went and it was there! So, we are well sstocked up with Tassimo pods in fact I think we have more than Tesco!! I had a lovely Macchiato less sweet coffee this morning which is one of the ones you can't buy in the shops so that was good. Vin had a Latte which he enjoyed because he usuallymakes up his own version so that was nice.  What a good firm!
Hairwashes and did my nails ready for re-doing so that was good.  We were short of shampoo but Vin found a tube of Linco Beer shampoo tucked away upstairs. I used to use it for Donkey's years but then they stopped making it :( :( :( REALLY miss it too, I LOVED that product. I have tried everywhere on the Internet, but to no avail none to be had anywhere, so this tube is very precious. Like gold dust actually, in fact rarer :)
Weather is sunnier today but not that warm I don't think. In fact it is only three degrees warmer than Perth Australia and it's their Winter!
Tootsie was on Vin's knee after lunch looking all appealing lying on her back with her little paws in the air tummy waiting to be tickled. Then as soon as he does that the paws get hol;d of his hand and cling on. What a little minx!

I wish I had a camera when she does that. 

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