Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Podiatary Plus...

No matter what time we get up in the morning, we always seem to go out in a rush. Today's appointment was for 10-30 but we did leave on ttime and got there at the time appointed. Waited a short while and then called in by Jo one of the lovely podiatrists. Feet are doing ok so she skinned them a bit and re-dressed them. Still got bandages up to my knees. and casts on both feet now so walking a bit hard, but we get there with the help of the wheels. Since that appointment finished quite eaarly we went for a welcome coffee at Costa on the retail park at Aintree. It was surprisingly busy, every time I go there I always say I wouldn't mind shares in that Costa because it is always busy, all sorts of people young ,old, couples etc.,  I had a nice flat white and Vin had a flat white with soya and hazelnut syrup. Very  nice breather and people watch.
From there we went to the other retail park which is adjoining but has the M&S and Vin went in quickly to get some things for the rest of the week. I stayed in the car and listened to the awful Vanessa Feltz who is standing in for Jeremy Vine.Typical discussions with her doing a lot of screeching.
Home then we went to the other retail aprk which has an M&S and Vin went in there quickly to get some things for the rest of the week. Mainly he wanted some pasta sauce for our tea tonight.  Then home for our lunch a bit later.  Started watching the tennis match between Roger Federer and Cilic. What a match!! Federer was two sets down and then went on to pull the two sets back and win the fifth set to gain the match. I was almost afraid to watch, it looked like the other fellow was going to win easily, but you never write off Federer. Well done Roger..what a player.
Bit of computing in the afternoon and then down for coffee and a bit of cake. 
Football tonight Wales playing Portugal Yuk!!! 

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