Thursday, 21 July 2016

Out for Some Air..

We have had a bit of a breather this week from hospital appointments this week, which, given the hot weather was quite good.. Today though it is a bit cooler and fresher and Vin wanted to get some veggies because we had run out, so we went out to Tesco. So, we could get some bits of shopping and also have a coffee out. Actually the Costa was quite busy and our favourite seats were taken so we had to go in the corner, which is nice anyway. Vin had a popcorn cappucinno and I had a a plain one. The popcorn one sounds not very nice but really smells quite nice. Not up my street because I don't really go for flavoured coffees but Vin has had a fair number of them.  He left me in there finishing my drink with an Echo to look at while he ran round the store. 
Ourlittle Tootsie has been visiting again. Apparently she has been next door on one of her beds, and on her window sill. Wonder why she goes on the neighbours beds but not on ours? She has never really been on any of ours. 
Little madam.

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