Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Change of Plan..

There was a change of plan today. We were going to go out somewhere for a coffee but in the end decided agaqinst that idea since we were going out tomorrow anyway. 
Quet day therefore, Vin went off to Tesco to get a few veggies, via the farden centre where he had seen some copper garden labels he wanted to get while they were on offer. He got those then went along the bypass to Tesco. He rang me up from there very quickly, to say he was on his way back! He'd got the things we needed and got round quickly. 
Nice surprise this morning, the doorbell went and it was  the postman with a large parcel from John and Ann in Australia for my Birthday.It contained a lovely chiffon scarf complete with a really dinky little jewelled clip that you use to slide up and down to keep the scarf in place. Very clever idea and you don't see them very often. Also there was a pair of nighties  great for the summer.

Most of the plants in our garden are in pots or containers and Vin says often they have ost their labels and he doesn't know what is coming up, so at least now he will have the labels to put in them!.

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