Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Busy Afternoon.!

Well it turned into a busy afternoon, I had an appointment at the podiatry clinic at 2.30 so left the house at about a quarter to two. Vin had stripped the beddiang this morning and we both washed our hair so he had done loads of things before we went. Expected a nice straight forward appointment but when we got in the girl said that a Mr Butcher had requested an x-ray of my standing foot so they could judge the pressure on the foot. It had to be a standing one without the cast, so that meant having the left foot done and dressed and the right one lightly then Vin used their wheelbchair to get me to the x-ray department.. I had to stand on a board, then go on a stair so they could do another one. Only took a few minutes and I was done. Not as much waiting as we had thought.
Then back to the podiatry to get that foot dressed again with the cast on. Future appointments made and off home. Then to the co-op to get a few things and Vin suggested that we could call in at the garden centre and he would treat me to a cup of coffee. Trouble was it was closing because it was 5 o'clock. He thought it shut at 6. Never mind it was a lovely thought. Thank you Vin XXX

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