Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Sad Today...

Very sad today, one of my "Delia online friends" has so sadly died I will miss his postings and notes and messages. Too soon gone and too young.  He had so many hurdles to oveercome in his young life, but in the end the cancer got him. Very popular on Facebook, and it is today full of messages and posts and photos. Such a kind individual he will be truly missed. R.I.P. Jamesy.
Very mundane day today otherwise, we didn't really feel like going out so we didn't. I spent the morning on the computer and Vin did some bits and bobs that he wanted to do. We had nice machine coffees late morning. He has been doing a bit of clearing out, and come up to say he had found some bread mixes in the cupboard that are fourteen months out of date!!!! No point making them up so they are headed for the grey bin on Friday. It's just the way that  things have turned out these days and this year.  Mostly my fault for not being up to scratch. Ah well never mind. 

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