Friday, 8 July 2016

Another Early Rise!!

I do hate early get ups! Never get used to them. Funny thing Jane is the same, I wonder if it is genetic. :) 
We had an appointment at the vascular clinic this morning at 9.30 so it was a case of beat the rush hour. As it happened there wasn't really much traffic anyway so I don't know what happened to the rush hour at all. Got there by about 9.20, would have been earlier but I was long winded getting ready. Sorry Vin, you'r a very patient man.
Had both feet undressed and then Jane the nurse practitioner came in to examine them to see if an angiogram would be possible. She spent quite a while doing that and then went off to  see Mr Joseph and ask his advice. Came back with some more looking and then himself came in. That was an extra since I wasn't due to see him for two weeks. Anyway he said that for now they are better letting them well alone and just stick with the dressings and the anti-biotics. But he wanted an ultrasound scan done on the leg, and said that if it could be done today that would save another appointment. Had the legs re-dressed just to the ankles to allow for that, and waited in the waiting area. Not long to wait,and had the ultrasound done. Two very nice girls one younger and one older both shared the job not sure why. Then free to go home.  Vin had a great parking space so picked me up quickly at the front entrance.  Yesterday we got the free coffee vouchers for the Ladygreen garden centre, so Vin suggested that on the way home we called in there for the July ones.  The upgrading that they have done there is great. A lot more space and it is now a pleasure to go in there. We had our free coffees and a pack of biscuits between us and enjoyed a bit of a breather and a people watch for half an hour or so. Then home. No post but Tootsie was waiting for us Aaaah!.
After lunch we watch the Roger Federer match, and he came back from one set down to even it up against some unknownish Canadian fellow called Ranios. Anyway to my real disappointment he lost three sets to two but it was a very very close match. So it looks like the Men's final this year will likely be Murray and the Canadian.Ugh!!
Nice breather tomorrow for a change. :)

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