Thursday, 28 July 2016


Vin had his car booked into the garage in Crosby for a service today. It is a major one so he had to leave it in the garage and come home. He went early, after an early coffee and biscuit as normal. We have a little "cow" biscuit every morning, it's a sort of ritual!.
Then he was off to Crosby aiming to come back by train. Actually he was able to use his travel pass because he waited for the 9.30 train.Then it was breakfast for us both and about our daily bits and bobs. 
Beautiful morning coffees, and a light lunch. He rang up the garage just after lunch and the car was readyso he has set off to collect it. They were also doing the air bag as well because apparently they had been recalled in for them to be, they had done quite well to do everything in that time. Expecting him back shortly, I don't think he was going anywhere else. 
Little Tootsie two huts was in one of them this morning sheltering from the drizzly rain. She loves going out in the mornings, but doesn't like getting wet, well who does :) .
Funny weather we do have here, as I type this athe sun is shining so all the blinds in the house have been pulled down!!
Weather set fair !!

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