Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Bit of Sunshine!

Its a bit sunny today, not quite warm enough to sit out though. We stayed in today because we are outtomorrow fairly early for a podiatry appointment so we had our coffees inside this morning. I also put in a Tassimo ordeer because they have some different pods that you can't get in the shopsWatched a bit of tennis after lunch  Serena Williams winning again. She is such a good player to watch, and a nice woman too, always gives a good interview afterwards. 
Jane rang up early afternoon on her way home, quite tired because of the shift patterns they have there. 8to half four today and two till ten tomorrow. She was saying everybody is tired because of these, and they are short staffed, waiting for new ones to start. 
Little Tootsie was up and about earlymiaowing outside the window, and havingt a standoff with Sammy from down the road. Vin went down to sort them out, and got well scratched in the process. How Nice!! 

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