Monday, 25 July 2016

Typical Mondays...

A typical Monday these days is waiting in for the District nurses, and everything else revolves round that. Today she came at twelvish so I spent the morning on the computer catching up with what was going on there,mostly facebook and there were lots of photos from the Australia family of beach walks etc., and lovely blue seas and skies. They do say it is cold there though but there cold is like our summer weather. 
The nurse did my dressings and put loads of wadding on so my feet look like footballs now! Podiatary clinic on Wednesday then the nurses back on Friday. 
Vin did some of his admin. work this morning including arranging for his car to be serviced which is Thursday. He has had the car for two years now which is unbelievable, and it is ready for a service. He reckons his car did 6,ooo miles last year. Most of those would be on visiting me in Aintree :( Oh dear!
Presently he is in the garden putting some little gravel beads round some of the plants in containers.

These two one of the back garden wall with the hanging baskets still looking really good, and the bottom one is of the barrel in the front garden showing the osteospermums which we bought this year to try. Initially we thought they were going to be a bit of a washout because they didn't do well at all, but they have picked up nicely and are showing good colour now.
This is a "Christmas Rose" which didn't flower at Christmas but later than that.Vin has cut it right back ready for this Christmas!!
Oh so true. Little Tootsie is quite  quiet today but is around.

Blink and you might miss her.

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