Monday, 11 July 2016

What a Day!!

What a day indeed. You would never think that it was the middle of July, more like the middle of March. Rainy, blowy and really quite cool. However the sun has now come out, you juat nwvweknow what  to wear these  days. 
Not a lot going on today otherwise, a bit of computing for me this morning, and the District nurses came this morning, it was the nice one ccalled "Muffin" or Meg, who is off to Australia in 6 weeks or so. Another one escaping the country, what a shame. Vin did some pottering about today and sent a package back to QVC for me. Some nail polishes that I had ordered but didn't like when they arrived.  Tootsie has been quite quiet today, came in a bit wet this morning and then stayed in. 
Big news in the country is that we now have a new Prime Miniater another woman in Theresa May who has been Home Secretary for a number of years so is experieenced. What she will do in the country remains to be seen. 

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