Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Phew is right. Hottest day of the year so far they reckon today round about 34 degrees. The plan today is to stay cool, and even Tootsie has that idea too preferring to stay inside in the front room which is nice and cool after the morning sun has gone round which is mid-morning. 
Relaxing on the coolish windowsill. She has the right idea.
Vin went off to Formby this morning mainly to take back a crossword machine which I had bought from Argos but had proved to be no use because the print is too smallfor me to read. Also to get some veggies from Tesco which is opposite the Argos store. He said that the Tesco was lovely and cool, they must have the air conditioning full on, but the little Costa that we go to was full which is surprising. Anyway he was back in good time for his coffee and later after that lunch. Two deliveries this morning, one with parcel force which was the American sweets that Jane had ordered to be sent to our house, and the other was my delivery from Bullens of my bags etc.,
This little beauty is the orchid that my lovely Vin bought me for my birthday. It is a gorgeous shade of deep cream almost yellow but not quite. I love orchids because they last for ages, and are easy to look after. We have three now in various stages of growth.  Jane will probably ring up in a bit because she is on half eight to half four shift today. I bet she is warm today, all the radiography machines give out heat and she is bound to be tired, it's a long day. 

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