Tuesday, 27 June 2017

In Today!

We did indeed stop in today, at least I did but Vin went out to crosby to Sainsbury's because he didn't go there yesterday. So it will probably be a short and sweet post today. 
I did get a phone call from the Dr that I saw yesterday to say that as a result of the blood tesst I had done my sodiumlevel was a bit low, so she would like another one done because sometimes it can vary and it might be a one off. She would leave a form with the podiatry dept., and I could collect it so we will do thaat next time I go there. 
Apart from that call one from an indian site who rang off when we picked the phone up. Why do they do that? it's so annoying. 
It was quite dark this morning and a bit blowy, and little Jessie didn't wake Vin up so he had a lie in a bit this morning. When it is sunny she is up with the lark. He fed her eventually, and she then went back to sleep again for most of the morning. Only waking up when he came back from Crosby. 
Very tiring being a cat isn't it?
Poor Vin has a terrible cough, he got some cough mixture from the pharmacy over the road,  so he is taking that every two hours. Hope it works for him it sounds rough poor lad. XXX

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