Friday, 16 June 2017

Hopping Out!

Out and about this morning, I had a podiatry aappointment at Aintree. at eleven o'clock. So it was up and about fairly early for us. Of course Vin is woken up early by his baby, who gets him awake at around half past five in the morning! He goes down to feed her and got himself a cup of coffee then comes back to bed, in fact he didn't he had a shave and went for a paper then got the breakfast ready. So he will be tired tonight!
Traffic was great, very light, and we made good time. It was the day to  see the Dr., so it is usually busier, but at first there didn't seem to be any movement, and we waited about half an hour. The original plan was to go to  M&S after the appointment, but it became apparent that it was getting too late for that. Anyway got in eventually, and saw Jo who we haven't seen for ages, the toes are looking quite good actually and am now waiting for the op on 14th
July. They made another date for a few days before that and in the meantime I go to the dressings clinic on the Wednesday. 
When we left the house little Jessie was nowhere to be seen, she wasn't in her usual spots and I think Vin was a bit worried, although he had set the cat flap so she could come in but not go out.  Anyway when we arrived home for our late coffee she appeared, to be greeted with "Hello Darling!!".What a pair. 
 I think it is mutual!!

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