Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Drier Today!

Better than yesterday, at least it isn't pouring down like it has been. outside our house there are a number of large sycamore trees which are a real pain. All year except for the Winter, they drop bits and pieces, and the weather over thelast couple of days has dropped loads of leaves, sticky green bits and whirlygigs now. They go all over the car as well,and tread into the house too. Pain!
We didn't go out today because we had a big outing yesterday filling in two appointments. Vin has been clearing a lot of papers for disposal, and vacuuming the middle room while the cat wasn't in there. She isn't fond of the vacuum, mind, none of our cats have liked them some of them scooting out of the way like they have been shot! This one is really nervy and runs a mile if the front door bell rings!
All you see is a blur of black and white running upstairs!
general Election tomorrow, between Labour and Conservative.  Must say the Conservative woman hasn't been in evidence much here where I live, and we have had no leaflets hardly either, whilst the Labour man has sent some good information in leaflet form anyway.Plus he has worked quite hard for this area. Might not agree with the Party's politics, well, the leader anyway, but he is local. 
It will be interesting to see how it all pans out.  

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