Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Still a tad warm!

Bit overcast this morning with a bit of a breeze going as well, but it hasn't actually cooled down much.  Vin went over the line just before to take a prescription to the Dr's and he came back to say it was really hot again. Supposed to cool down by the weekend though. Steve Wright has just said on the radio that this is the hottest June day for forty years! 
Not much activity today, Vin went down the road to one of our friends to get an insurance form signed. He was a man I used to work with, and we used to share cars back in the day. They have three children and the oldest a girl they said is retiring!!!! Couldn't believe that, it only seems like yesterday when they were all in the back of my car being dropped off at school. Good grief, talk about ageing!
Vin said that little Jessie woke him up a little bit later this morning. He says she doesn't even have to keep miaowing now, she miaows once then makes her way down the landing because she knows he will get up and feed her :)  Talk about wrapping him round her little paw!
One phone call from and Indian caller, and ne from Bullens the healthcare people, and that was it this morning. The day was left in the air really because the appointment at the dressings clinic was cancelled for this afternoon, we might go out tomorrow now to Dobbies. 

We need some bedding plants to replace the daffodils in this barrel 
which have well finished and gone. Head gardener pulled them all out to put into the green bin. All we have to do now is decide what to put in next for the summer.

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