Wednesday, 14 June 2017

S**t Happens!

Poor Vin!  He looked out of the bedroom window this morning and a naughty bird or birds have pooped all over the top of his car :(  So, one of his first jobs today was to go out and wash the said car top.  He did say it was a bit embarrassing with all sorts of people going by. Ah well all clean now. 
The main news today has been a terrible fire in a high rise block in London. Started at about one o'clock and took only around half an hour to engulf the block. Looking at the news now there are at least six dead with the numbers set to rise above that. Many injured most with smoke inhalation and some critical. Terrible watching the flames engulf the building, seems that they are blaming the outside cladding but only speculation at the moment, no doubt there will be a lot of investigation done.
Janet and Tony rang up last night having decided to stay in Liverpool for a couple of extra days. They sounded like they had seen everything, been on the wheel, across the Mersey on the ferry, and they also did "The Beatles Story " which they really enjoyed. Posted some terrific pictures on FB which really give a flavour of their stay. Off to Plymouth today and are hoping to do some of Cornwall. Gosh they have really got around. 
Jane rang up as we were having our lunch, she had finished early because she had been to a conference of radiographers  and she had a look round, got a few free pens and came home. She was popping in to Tesco and sent us a picture of the offers she had got. All nice healthy stuff! Pizza Express, dough balls and ben and Jerry's ice cream, all half price.  She does love a bargain our Jane :) 
Little Jessie is currently out in the garden with her Daddy. He says she isn't keen on the full sun but finds a shady spot.
What a little poser!

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