Friday, 23 June 2017

Much Cooler Today!

Thankfully! It has been very hot for the last few days but today there is a nice fresh breeze blowing in from the coast I think. It does look a bit like rain, but that won't do the plants any harm and will water the surfaces at least. 
Little Jessie woke her Daddy up at around half past seven this morning so he went down to feed her then came back to bed. I didn't hear that at all, he said he went into the bathroom and when he came out there she was on the landing looking at him then went straight downstairs to her feeding bowl. Talk about getting him trained. 
She knows what she like too, is inclined to be a bit fussy when being fed, likes some more than others. I can just imagine Vin perusing the aisles looking at all of the different nes to see which she would prefer!!
Our Jane rang up this morning when we were about to have our coffee to say she was on her dinner!, I was expecting her to ring at half past four which is what her shift should have been but apparently she had volunteered to work till eight because they were stuck. She took the other afternoon off as holiday because she was really tired so she says this will make up for that and she won't lose any of her holiday.  She will probably ring up again about eight tonight on her way home. 
Nothing much in the news today, it mostly seems to be about "Brexit". Hate that name they use it all over the place now. The Tower disaster has slipped right down the ratings, except for the odd article now and then in the papers, it hardly figures. 
We didn't go out anywhere today, we were out yesterday, and we have the cancelled appointment on Sunday so that will do. For this week anyway.

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