Thursday, 22 June 2017

Out and About!

Out and around today, since we haven't been out this week we thought we would today.  One of the reasons we didn't go out yesterday was simply that it was too hot. However, today it was lovely and fresh when we got up, although it is now really warming up again. 
We got to Dobbies, and Vin went for the wheels to get me round and we started looking at the food hall, when all of a sudden the fire alarm went off so it was everybody outside. I felt sorry for the people who were in the middle of coffees or meals, they would have had to leave those.  We werelet in again after about ten minutes, and everything seemed normal so maybe it was a fire drill. If it was I wasn't very impressed because I didn't hear anyone tell me to clear the building!
We had a look at the bedding plants because we wanted some for the barrel, but there was nothing suitable, everything was either too pricey or would have grown too leggy, we want something that would be slow growing and not too high. We will try the little one over in Ince.   We did have a lovely coffee there our free ones for the month. I had a flat white and Vin had a latte sat and people watched for a while. A lot of young mums with babies in buggies, and grandparents with little ones. 
Home to a sleeping Jessie in her basket doesn't come to the door to greet us. Charming!!
She did get up a bit later to get a bit of food though. 

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