Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Another Hot One!

Really is another hot one. Little Jessie is currently sprawled out on the landing keeping her cool. Vin was in the front garden this morning doing some pruning, weeding and pulling out the well finished daffodils from the barrel in front of the house. It is cooler out there because by the time he got out there the sun had gone round to the back of the house which is now sweltering. One of the joys of living in a terraced house is that you only get the sun on two sides. Front and back , sides are adjoining.
Hanging baskets looking good in the sunshine though, hope they don't get too leggy. The one by the front door is looking really nice, haven't got a photo of that though, must get Vin to take one of that on his phone.
Love this photo of our Jane on her graduation, taken just on two years ago, at The Lowry centre in Salford. Lovely memorable day, except it rained all day but it didn't matter, they all look so happy. Hard to believe it was two years ago. 

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