Friday, 2 June 2017

Quieter Today!

Not so much of a cleaning frenzy today, thank goodness! I think he tired himself out today. He has however, found a good spray which he is currently going round the house with doing all of the pictures, so they are now all gleaming.  Little Jessie has settled in the front room on her basket out of the way. She did have a nice chasing game with him earlier though.  He runs after her in the kitchen and she darts into the middle room, then stops and turns round for more!! What a pair they are.
Jane rang up at coffee time which was a bit later because Vin went off to get his hair cut in Formby. She said that some of the roads near the MRI were cordoned off because the police were looking at a white Nissan micra car that was of significant interest. She was a bit bothered about parking because she is on a two to ten shift today so had left a bit earlier.  She did get parked but some way from the hospital because there were diversions. Also the Duke of Cambridge was in Manchester talking to some of the people who helped on Monday night , fire, ambulance hospital staff, police etc., so I don't expect that helped.  Anyway she didn't ring back so she must have got sorted.
Little Jessie didn't wake him up too early this morning which was good. She is presently in the front room asleep in the basket which was going to the charity shop but isn't now since she has claimed it.
She does love sitting in the front room window, also the kitchen window too, and will sit there for an absolute age. 

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