Thursday, 15 June 2017


Couldn't for the life of me think of a title for today's blog so just put that. :) Nothing doing much today so not a lot to write about. Got the letter through with the date of my foot operation which is 14th July just four days before my birthday.Lovely timing!! Ah well hopefully then I can get sorted out with proper type shoes.
Very quiet in the house today, no phone calls apart from a "health" survey which turned out to be a rubbish one. Vin put the phone down on him. He can't stand these type of phone calls. 
Little Jessie has been in and out today. She does go out of the cat flap on her own and comes in on her own too. She tends to confine herself to just the garden and is too timid to go any further. In fact, Vin was saying if she sees a bird she will run in out of the way. Aaah!
Trying to hide in the garden!. 
It has been quite a nice day today. The sun is coming down now and is lovely and bright at the back of the house. Little Jessie usually comes in out of the bright sunshine it's probably because of all her black fur. Of all of the cats we have had, Bobby was easily the most sun loving and would find the sunniest spot in the garden wherever it was. Still miss her and little Rusty  lovely little cats they were.

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