Thursday, 8 June 2017

Election Day!!

Finally come round, after weeks of wrangling mud slinging and debates.  Seems to have gone on for weeks.
We went round vote in the local village hall, and it was quite busy too mid-morning. Very blowy out as well, almost got blown over. Both voted but goodness knows how this constituency will go. 
We then went off to Tesco in freshfield to the Costa there which was fairly quiet today too, which is always a bonus. I had a small latte and Vin had a soya milk latte. Enjoyed those with a little bag of shortbread biscuits which are lovely. 
Visit to the petrol station to get fuelled up, and I suggested we get a car wash, which we did with a bit of grumbling.It was covered with bits from the trees outside so ready for doing really. It will probably rain now!!
Home for lunch and sent a message to Janet and Tony who are due here in Liverpool tomorrow, no idea what time or any details as yet. Seems easier for us to go to their hotel on The Albert Dock which is quite central, but we will have to wait and see what they think. 
Jane is on nights tonight, so will be ringing about 6.30 ish. She had her MOT done on Tuesday because she was on an eight thirty to four thirty day so coud pick it up after work, it passed as fine so that was good.
Little Jessie was up early as usual, Vin went down to feed her,then apparently she went back to sleep in her basket, which is more than can be said for Vin who is awake then, wriggling away as usual. She was still there when we went out and only moved when we came back!

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