Thursday, 29 June 2017

Getting To Be a Habit!

Stayed in again, but it is quite cold, at least I think it is  but then I'm always cold!!
Vin did some mooching round and about, it was a bit drizzly outside but  quite a bit of recycling mostly of papers and old clothing etc., I have been up here on the computer for a couple of hours this morning trying to do a bit on John and Ann's letter. I always write them in bits and  bobs as something happens, and since  that isn't very often there is usually a bit of a gap between starting and finishing.
Little Jessie has mostly been in today, she isn't at all keen on going out and getting her feet/paws wet, so finds a basket and has a nice sleep. Just for a change!!
  Doesn't she look appealing? Like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Till her daddy goes to tickle her tummy and she nips him  :) 

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