Monday, 26 June 2017

Podiatry? Diabetic?

We were out today for our last appointment of the week. It was actually at the Diabetic clinic, which is in the same building as the Podiatry and shares the same reception desk.  It was funny today going in the same entrance, and using the same entrance but not going to get my foot done!
 Saw a couple of the Podiatry girls who greeted me with my name, which is nice but went to sit over the other side. Only there a short while then called in to get my weight, blood pressure, and urine done, finishing  with a blood test, then the waiting area again. Vin had parked the car by then so he waited with me and we chatted for a bit and was called in very soon. Saw a nice Dr., Allen female, who went through all of my readings and everything appears to be very good. She was pleased with all of the results and said I was actually on the borderline of being diabetic now which is good.  See you again in a year, and the appointment was made for then at the desk and we went off to the Co-op for a little picnic lunch!
Vin went in to get a couple of things from the store and we returned home about ten to three. Good going. 
Little jessie was in her basket, having not moved since we left. We had sat down with a tiny coffee when she decided to have a bit of an explore around. She climbed up on the television table and had a sniff about, jumped on to the chair and had a sniff at the things on the unit. Wonder why she is doing that she has never done that before. Must be getting curious. 
She looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth really doesn't she.

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