Sunday, 11 June 2017

Meeting Up !

Four years since we last met up we met again. This time, because Janet and Tony had been around this area Vin thought it would be better if we went to them at their hotel. Jury's Inn, which is situated on the Albert Dock, just opposite the Echo Arena and the Liverpool Eye.Must admit we were very impressed with the hotel, far superior to the last one we stayed at which was next to Speke Airport and miles out of Liverpool. 
This one is very central to everything, and a great centre for getting around.  Drop off point at the entrance which gives you 15minutes where we met them, and Janet and I went off upstairs while the boys went to park the car in the multi storey over the way. 
The boys joined us in a few minutes. Parked the car on the level one which was great.  We started off with Costa coffees, I had a lattee, and Vin and Tony had cappuccinos, which surprised me because Vin doesn't usually drink those.  Seemed to enjoy them though. 
Lovely catching up on the news and hearing about what John and Ann are doing.  Got some lovely presents, totally unexpected, an Australian cheeseboard, beautiful pendant for me,  a 3D notebook, and fridge magnet. We gave them a set of dessert spoons which are made in Scotland and heart shaped. I also gave them a card with the money for their entry to the Beatles Story, I had tried to do them nline, but the only trouble was that I wasn't sure which day they wanted to go, so that way they could choose. 
Time passed quickly, and we all shared a very nice pizza together.  Got to about three o'clock and we decided to leave them to it, so they had some time to look around.  Can't believe how the time went!.
Oh the joys of selfies! The four of us outside the hotel. 
All in all a really nice day. Both of us were amazed at just how much liverpool has changed, all the hotels, and one massive, massive cruise ship berthed in the new cruise area. Incredible. !

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