Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Sometimes they just get on your nerves!  I have had to restart this one twwice today, to get it going. What a pain!  You see them on the TV and on films using their computer and everything is done immediately. They press a button and it is done. They never break down and never have to be rebooted either. Proper fiddle.
Today it is cold and a bit miserable. Vin went off to the garden centres over the way to look for plants  for the barrel at the front of the house. The daffodils eventually died off and were removed for the green bin and there is just a baby conifer in the middle . So he wanted to fill round it with  some small plants that wouldn't grow too high or leggy. There are two garden centres over the by-pass in Ince, both next to each other. He went to them both and got what he wanted  at the smaller one actually.   The other one is much bigger with a big cafe  and tends to be quite expensive, the smaller one is a bit cheaper usually. 
Little Jessie has been in and out today, not out very often because it is drizzly, she doesn't like being wet.
Oy Look at me Daddy.

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