Monday, 19 June 2017


Scorching day today, really hot. Too hot for little Jessie, and too hot for Vin as well. He went out in the garden for a shrt time this morning but came in after a few minutes because he said he was getting baked! Little Jessie seems to be finding the coolest spots in the house which at the moment is the front room. The middle room which is the one we use the most is cool until about mid-day when the sun comes round then it is really warm. So it is blinds down, windows open and try to get a draught going. 
I bet our Jane is glad she is not in work today, she is on 12 to 10 tomorrow so hope it cools down for her. Terrible pattern of shifts they have, don't know how she remembers them.
Blooming! The garden looks quite nice in full sun, if it wasn't too warm to sit out in !!
Little Jessie when it wasn't quite so hot!

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