Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Tootsies Done!

The first appointment of the week today, so all we didwas centred around that. Didn't have our mid-morning coffee but went straight to our lunch at twelve thirty. Nice little cheese sandwich and a bag of crisps. Tasty.
The appointment was at Litherland  so not too far, certainly not as far as Aintree. Left at a quarter to two and got there on time , no parking so Vin dropped me off and went to park. I only waited a few minutesand was called in. The girl who did the dressing was really quick and efficient. Foot looking quite good and ready for the op now! 
Nice and sunny today in fact I had to use the sunglasses in the car it was so bright. Vin is at present in the garden doing some tidying up which means weed clearing. Why is it that weeds grow much stronger and greener than anything else. 
Little Jessie has been in her basket having sleeps most of the morning, waking up when we came home to chase her daddy. The reason being that he feeds her! No matter that I buy the cat food,  that doesn't matter!
A very favourite spot!

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