Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Eye Eye!

eye screening today so the day was revolved around that, hair washed, baby coffees at coffee time and an early lunch. Then off to the appointment. Good thing about it was that Vin had arranged a dressings clinic appointment for the same afternoon at 3.20 so that fitted in beautifully. 
In fact we got there early so the woman doing the camera tests did me first, and we were out by a quarter to three. Then went round to another department to get my foot redone. We were early for that too but since we were boked in and there was no-one waiting we were seen and done quickly. Out by 3.15 when we should just have been going in. 
The weather is horrible today, blowing a gale, and wet and drizzly. You would think itt was Autumn if you didn't know any better. 
Short and sweet today, run out of time.!
Waiting to trip me up!!

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