Monday, 12 June 2017


Started off  quite early with a phone call. Most of the phone calls we get early or late are selling something or other. However this one was from Mr Butchers secretary giving me a date for my other foot operation. July 14th which is a Friday and just before my birthday the 18th.  At least we know when it is now.
OOOPS!  I told our Jane that yesterday was Father's Day, and it isn't  it is next week.  Oh dear! That was my fault.  The good thing is that she has got her card in early. This is the picture that was on the front  of the Moonpig Card. That arrived on Saturday morning which was pretty good actually.  On the back was a little photo of Jane and the cat.
Vin has just come up to say that he has been in the garden having a mooch and little Jessie was out there  having a lovely time. 

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