Monday, 5 June 2017


If you didn't know any better you would say that it was April not June 5th.  I notice our next door neighbours have their heating on because there is clouds of steam coming out of the vent, and I don't blame them in the least.  It is blowy and rainy and horrible outside, and little Jessie hasn't put a paw outside today. Very sensible. 
Just noticing the date, it would have been my mum and dad's wedding anniversary today. They were married in the 1920's but not sure which year. long time ago though. 
We watched the Ariana Grandee concert in Manchester last night till about nine o'clock but recorded the rest. I must say it was extremely good, some top line acts. She sang Somewhere over the rainbow at the end which was very emotional. 
Jane has just  rung up from Manchester n her way to collect her  car which has had its MOT and a service. She says it is pouring down there too, but they rang up to say it was fine and all done at lunchtime. It is a really good little car a little Citroen1 in red and a big difference from the last car she had which had everything leaking and falling off!!
Vin has been dusting downstairs and doing some clearing up in readiness for the visit by Janet and Tony at the weekend, and there is a lot of clearing up to be done. It is a very cluttered house after all!
One little cat has been very quiet today, mostly in her basket. 

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